Developing Skills for Blended Learning


 1. to support adult learners in further developing their basic cognitive and digital competences and thus to motivate them to participate actively in lifelong learning and
2. to provide adult educators with supporting materials and tools to adjust their teaching materials and methodologies to adults with a lower level of qualification.


Our vision is to give all adults, regardless of their background, equal access to programmes of continuous development and thus contribute to their competitiveness on the labour market.

WELCOME to the website of the Erasmus+ Project “Access2Learn”!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela
As described in this quote, education is an extremely important factor in shaping our environment, but also our own lives. Only with the help of lifelong learning we can always further develop our own personality and operate successfully on the labour market. Therefore, it is very important that we all have equal access to the different opportunities for further education and that we have the necessary competences to participate in these programmes.
The project team is very passionate about promoting lifelong learning and motivating people to participate in continuing education.
Therefore, through the project Access2Learn, we want to support adults in gaining access to the different learning opportunities, especially distance and blended learning opportunities, and in developing their basic digital and learning competences so that they can successfully participate in these settings in the future.

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Building awareness

We want to show educational institutions the importance of providing all adults, regardless of their prior experience or qualifications, with access to different kinds of learning settings, also to digital ones.

Contributing to inclusion

We want to contribute to the inclusion of all adult learners in the European educational landscape.

Developing competences

This project aims at supporting adult learners in developing their basic digital and cognitive competences.

Promoting motivation

This project should motivate adult learners to participate in lifelong learning activities.

Providing training materials

To support the inclusion of adults in different kinds of learning settings, we want to provide adult educators with practical materials they can use in their teaching.

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