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The policy paper was created to show policy makers that blended learning settings should be offered to all adult learners, regardless of their background.

It gives an insight in the status quo of blended learning offers in the partner countries, it highlights the importance of making blended learning courses accessible for all adults, and it provides redommendations on how adult education institutions could act to make blended learning easier to follow.

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In the following, you can find learning materials to develop your skills for blended learning. By clicking on the competence area you are interested in, the corresponding content unit will open and it can be downloaded and printed.

CU1 – Different Learning Settings and Introduction to Blended Learning

CU2 – Basic Digital Competences

CU3 – Learning Motivation

CU4 – Time Management

CU5 – Learning Strategies

CU6 – Personal Well-Being

By clicking on the link below, you can find an online course about blended learning with the topics mentioned above:

Click here to access the learning platform: bit EU academy

A user guide for the learning platform can be found here: User guide bit EU academy

Alternatively, you can watch this video to learn how to work with the learning platform: Video bit EU academy

Click here to download the curriculum for the learning materials

Click here to download the didactic concept for the learning materials

Self-Evaluation Tool

With the self-evaluation tool you can test your level of the following competences:

Basic digital competences
Motivation for learning
Time management
Developing learning strategies
Caring for one’s personal well-being

Click here to be forwarded to the Self-Evaluation Tool

Workshop Design

In the following, two different workshop designs can be found: one concept for a one-week-workshop on the topic of blended learning and one for a one-day-workshop about career planning and development.
Click on the workshop you are interested in to be forwarded to all corresponding materials:

Workshop on Blended Learning

Workshop on Career Planning and Development

Handbook for Teachers and Trainers

You can find here a handbook that includes tips for teachers on how to work with learners with a lower level of qualification in blended learning mode:

Click here to download the Train-the-Trainer Handout

Here, you can find some guidelines and tips on how to work with all developed project results:

Click here to download the User Guide

Podcast for Teachers and Trainers

When clicking on the link below, you are forwarded to the podcast series created in this project with the topic “Teaching adults with a lower level of qualification”. It contains a lot of experiences, good-practice-examples and tips.

The podcast was created in different languages: 3 English, 2 Spanish and 1 German, Finnish and Czech episodes can be found.

Click here to open the Podcast Series

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